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Feb 21, 2006
Well to say that this is a little confusing may be an understatement. Like most of you, I've had an iTunes account for many years. The logon is something like "JoeW1". When I set up my iCloud account, it made me put "" so my iCloud account is something like "". My iMac, iPhone and iPad all synch to that account and all is well.

So now come iTunes Match which I signed up for yesterday from iTunes. It synched and matched my library after a little effort. Unfortunately, when I try to activate iTunes Match on my iPhone, it says that I have not subscribed to iTunes Match since it is using my "" account. The funny thing is that on my iPad which also uses my "" iCloud account, does synch with the music from iCloud. I think that this is because the iPad is associated with the computer iTunes "JoeW1" account while my iPhone is associated with the "" account. I probably screwed some thing up when I did all this but it wasn't really very clear at the time.

What are my options?

1) I could just sign up for iTunes Match from the "" iTunes account but I don't necessarily want to spend another $25.

2) I guess I could remove the iPhone from the "" account and associate it with the "JoeW1" account but I think that there is a prohibition against associating a device within 90 days. I would have to wait another 60 days for this option plus I would have to redo the iCloud synching across all the devices to get the calendar, contacts and other stuff to where I want it.

3) I believe that I can merge Apple ID's but I wasn't sure if that would really work for merging the iTunes centric data with the iCloud data.

Any suggestions? I've done the best that I could describing the situation but I wouldn't say that I really understand how it all should come together.




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Jun 15, 2010

It's whatever account you've purchases music under.

Case in point - my wife has an iPad. iCloud is tied to her account. But I turned on iTunes match via the music settings, and inputted MY credentials (which are tied to iTunes match). It was able to pull up my library without any problem.
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