how to use mail app for mavericks ?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by anonymous4a, May 29, 2014.

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    I'm trying to start using the mail app that come with mavericks, Is there anyway to not have it download all my emails ? Its taking up a lot of my storage space. To have it download just the last couple of weeks ? And have it retrieve mail faster ? What is the benefit of using the mail app compared to checking your mail through the web browser ?
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    Because that is the way it has been done since the inception of email on the ARPANet.

    Plus with the proliferation of web connected smart phones that have small screens email clients are still needed. Web email came about because most workers want to check their email from work/school.
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    Who is your email provider? Some like Gmail allow you to limit how much is downloaded locally.

    This is from the settings.

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    Hmm--didn't know that--guess it is off the the Google site. ;)
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    Benefits are:
    1. You can check old emails without having an internet connection
    2. You can manage multiple mailboxes for different accounts
    3. Great interface

    And I'm pretty sure it doesn't take a lot of space, on my current mail i have emails all the way back to 2007, i receive some mails per day and its not even over 1GB yet.

    To use it just type your email and password in the settings, to open the settings press cmd+, or if you have an older computer +, and click accounts.

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