How to use PaperScan to easily scan documents with your iPad

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    Download link:

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    ★ Easy Scan Everything ★
    ★ Share as PDF / JPEG by email, WiFi file sharing, facebook, cloud storages, webdav, and fax ★

    ★ Quickly scan paper documents, whiteboards, business cards, books, posters, receipts, and everything to make them sharp and clear to read.
    ★ Auto detect document boundary to correct the perspective distortions efficiently.
    ★ Remove background shadows and sharpen text in the "Color" / "B & W" mode.
    ★ Adjust photo brightness and color saturation in the "Original" mode.

    Save & Print:
    ★ All scans are saved as JPEG files and can be exported as PDF files from selected pages.
    ★ Print scans wirelessly in AirPrint supported printers.

    Browse & Note:
    ★ Show page thumbnails in grid layout, tap a thumbnail to zoom in, and swipe left / right to navigate pages.
    ★ Add text notes on any page easily.

    ★ Fax scans to over 100 countries instantly (cost calculated by the number of pages and recipient country and paid via in-app purchase).

    Export / Share Files:
    ★ Email as JPEG / PDF
    ★ Open In other apps as JPEG / PDF
    ★ Save to photo albums
    ★ Upload to Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, SkyDrive, and WebDAV as JPEG / PDF
    ★ Open web browser on PC to download JPEG files via WLAN (WiFi Local Area Network) directly

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