How to use removeFromSuperView and dismissModelViewController one after the other ?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by srikanthrongali, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. srikanthrongali macrumors newbie

    Apr 30, 2010
    I have a UIViewController *view1. By using
    [self presentModalViewController:view2 animated:YES];
    I added UIViewController *view2 to view1.
    I have a UITableViewController *table1;
    I added table1 to view2 by using
    [self.view addSubview:navController.view];

    Now I want to return back to the view1. I used removeFromSuperView, dismissModelViewController but I could not go to first view ?
    How should we use them ?
    Thank you.
  2. dejo Moderator


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    Sep 2, 2004
    The Centennial State
    How did you use them? Provide some code, please. Plus, you shouldn't need to worry about removeFromSuperview (please note the case). dismissModalViewController (please note the spelling) should be sufficient to return to view1.

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