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    I have posted this on here before somewhere, recovered the content of this post from an MS Word Document (I usually save all my instructionals), but decided to make a video. I couldn't find the post, so I am reposting it here in hopes to help out fellow T-Mobile users If you have any issues with using the unlocked iPhone, respond either here, or my YouTube video itself, and I will try to address every single comment constructively.

    This guide is now more relevant than ever with the new AT&T sanctioned unlocks available As an experiment, I will purchase an AT&T unlocked iPhone and compare the differences sometime later this week.

    Here is what I have done to get this to properly work with ALL FEATURES including FaceTime. After purchasing the iPhone 4, make sure you DO NOT TURN IT ON, instead, just leave it off until you're ready to activate.

    I went to a T-Mobile store as soon as they opened and picked up a Micro-SIM for just $10. Go ahead and insert this into the iPhone, but still, DO NOT TURN IT ON yet. While you're at the T-Mobile store, make sure you have International SMS enabled this is needed to activate FaceTime. You only need this once.

    Proceed to now go and find Wi-Fi..

    Find Wi-Fi, once you make sure that the area you're in has Wi-Fi (I chose the Apple Store since it was in the same mall as the T-Mobile store), and turn the iPhone 4 on. You should be greeted with the traditional iOS 5 setup screen. After verifying that your iPhone says "T-Mobile" with EDGE service, Go through this setup as normal, when you get to the Wi-Fi setup screen, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP If you do not have service with EDGE, go to a T-Mobile store and resolve this first.

    After selecting a Wi-Fi hotspot, continue through the rest of the setup until you get to the homescreen. (I have also chosen to setup my iCloud etc then as well, though you really don't need to if you don't plan to use iCloud). If you also have a 4S as well or some other Apple iOS device such as an iPad, setting up the iCloud now is beneficial as you would have all your contacts already etc.

    Internet should work just fine now without an APN, but it would be really slow (not normal EDGE slow, but really slow...we will resolve this now). Go to Cellular data network settings in the iPhone's settings app and make sure you enter the following:

    Internet APN:

    MMS Settings
    Leave Username аnԁ Password blank.
    MMSC Proxy:
    Leave MMS Max Message Size blank.
    MMS UA Prof URL:

    Enter under the Internet Tethering settings as well, and leave the rest of the Internet Tethering section blank, for your Personal Hotspot to work. Now restart the iPhone 4.

    Now go ahead and go to Settings > FaceTime, you will notice FaceTime will now try to activate, mine was successful on first shot! (Carrier 11.0) If it doesn't work, there is the option for FaceTime using your E-Mail address as well. Make sure you have International texting service. There will be a one time .20 cent charge on your bill for one text message to the UK.

    Voila, you now have everything working on your iPhone 4 on T-Mobile as long as it is a factory unlocked version, without jailbreak!

    Respond to this thread and I will answer any questions that you may have!
    Hope this helps guys!

    The following features work flawlessly that would otherwise not work on a jailbroken unlocked iPhone 4:
    Push Notifications
    Personal Hotspot

    The following features WILL NOT WORK even this phone being officially factory unlocked
    Visual Voicemail
    3G service

    To fix the ALWAYS ON VOICEMAIL INDICATOR I just called 611 on T-Mobile and had them completely reset the Voicemail system. Let them know you're using an iPhone and they will literally get everything working for you just fine. Your voicemail indicators now will only come on when you have a voicemai

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