How to value a used macbook


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Feb 26, 2012
I recently purchased a new 15" macbook pro.
I'd like to sell my now-older macbook. Is there a Kelly-blue-book for mac's (laptops) any where on the web? If yes, I haven't found it.

Can anyone help me put a value on my 13" macbook. I believe I paid $1100 new and it has never had a problem. I have the original box, install cd and apps cd, and booklets. It is three years old, running 10.5. 2gig ram, 2gig processor and a 160gig hard-drive and has a 13" screen. The Apple Store just did a new OS on it for me.

Thanks for any help?


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Jun 24, 2010
Step 1. Go to Apples website, check their gift card recycling program to get your bottom line price.

Step 2. Go to Ebay and see what your model is going for, consider your specs and the condition of the MacBook.