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How to view photos in large screen mode?


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Jul 23, 2007
Hello, when I launched Photos, I see thumbnails. Is it possible to view the photos in larger, perhaps also in full screen, mode? I think I was able to do it and moved to the previous/next photo with the press of arrow buttons. I can't do it anymore.

It would be good if I could also check which app I used to take the photos as I want to see which one produced better looking photos.


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Jul 30, 2003
In Photos:
Double-click on any thumbnail to take the picture to full frame (subject to the limits of the photo itself).
Then you can Control-Command-F to toggle Photos to full-screen mode.
Use your arrow keys to display other photos.
Double click in the photo to toggle back to the thumbnail view, and Control-Command-F will also toggle full screen view.

If you have a photo selected, you can press Command-I to show information about the camera (such as lens focal length, and manufacturer model of the camera), plus info about the photo file itself.
It will tell you that the picture was taken by a Sammy phone, or probably identify any phone camera.

But, I don't think that stretches to show what app your originally used to edit the photo. Apps don't typically take pictures - cameras do that.


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Jul 30, 2003
That is not accurate.
The photo area goes to the full screen view - subject to the resolution of the photo.
I have some that are saved in a size to email, and barely change size when I double-click.
Other, higher resolution images, fill the screen to the size and aspect ratio of that image.
In my own pictures, only a few completely fill the entire screen area. Most are smaller, some much smaller (again, those smaller images are usually pictures that I have received in emails)
So, I think what you actually have: Photos has a full screen "image editing" screen, but images will only fill that area if they are large enough (resolution/size of that particular image) - so that gives you an idea of the relative size of all of your images, and I suppose the file size of that image would correspond to that.

Does that make sense?

Dave Braine

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Mar 19, 2008
Warrington, UK
Does that make sense?
No it didn't, because my photos are 3072x1728 pixels, easily enough to fill my MBP screen, which they weren't.

However, on further investigation in the View Menu, and turning OFF Always Show Toolbar In Full Screen Mode, and Hiding the Sidebar, my pictures now "fill" the screen. :D


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Mar 31, 2016
Las Vegas
You need to follow just two simple steps
Just click the full screen button at the top-right corner of the aperture main window.
then press F.
There you go.. :)
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