How to watch Stanley Cup and other FTA channels

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Stirfry2112, May 18, 2012.

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    Hello all,

    It seems a bit off topic, but I know the macrumors community is quite savvy, so I thought I would pose this here.

    We are looking to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs and do not have cable, nor are we willing to lock into a long, expensive contract as we don't need cable (Netflix and Hulu work fine for us). We have been going to the local sports bars so far, but find it more expensive than cable and less enjoyable since no one is willing to turn up the sound. However, I was told the playoffs are on the "Free-to-air" NBC channel, which we should be able to get for free. However, I cannot seem to find a place to watch or receive these channels. All I could find was "", but this is PC only. Any idea how this can be done?

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    Or just hook up an indoor antena directly to your TV to recevie local Over-The-Air broadcasts in HD?
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    How I can tell...

    that netflix and hulu really aren't working fine for you is you want to watch something that you can't get on netflix or hulu.

    That being said check out: or
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    You can also try

    I sometimes play them on my iPad and airplay them to the Apple TV. Looks great.
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    This would be the easiest, and the cheapest solution.

    I use an Antenna+HDHomerun to EyeTV for most of my viewing needs. Works very very well.
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    Thanks for all the advice, I knew I could count on you guys. We are big LA Kings fans and live in the LA area, so NHLGameCenter would blackout our Kings games, so that's a no go. We have tried indoor antenna's but unfortunately, the mountains block the good signals. looks like a good idea, but for the cup finals, we decided to try cable again. Turns out, ATT has offered us a no-contract cable subscription, so we can cancel anytime with no fees. We will see how well it works, but thanks again everyone for all the feedback, much appreciated!

    Go Kings GO!

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