How to watch TV on imac

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by imac abuser, Oct 23, 2005.

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    Hi, I work for a cable company. I have an old imac on my desk, and a cable tv outlet below. I need to know what products (cheap) there are to I can get an RF signal into my old imac via usb or firewire.

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    If you have a DV camcorder and you can get a tuner or cable box (you work at a cable co, maybe u can get a cheap/free one), plug the tuner into the camcorder and then the camcorder into the imac via Firewire. Then use "vidi"-search versiontracker.(

    If you have a spare camcorder and tuner this is free, if not go with the above mentioned eyetv products
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    What other ways?

    These are things I am just looking at.

    Is there a way to get Direct TV or cable to come in on your mac? What exactly do I need to do this?
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    I see there is a Apple TV section but that looks like it gets very expensive if you have to pay for every episode....

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