How transfer iTunes play counts, music and playlists when getting a new Mac

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    I just bought a new iMac and I somehow managed, on my current Mac, to have half of my itunes on an external hard drive and half on my current Mac.

    Well I want to transfer all my music to my iMac as well as the play counts and playlists and I do not know how to do this.

    I want my play counts because I have a lot of "smart" playlists that are made according to play count.

    I appreciate any help on this. Thanks. :apple:
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    On the old Mac, go into iTunes, and choose File -> Library -> Organize Library. Click the checkbox for Consolidate Library. This will bring everything into the iTunes Library folder on that computer (this is assuming you have enough space). Then, just either copy that whole iTunes folder to your other Mac, or use Migration Assistant to copy all of your data (depending on whether you've already set it up or not), and all of you play counts and playlists will transfer.

    These instructions are for the latest version of iTunes, btw. I believe in previous versions, Consolidate Library was under the Advanced menu instead of File -> Library.


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