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Feb 4, 2010
I run CS6 on Mavericks still and I am willing to update to the latest OS where it won't run into issue. My question, how well do CS6 apps work in Sierra?
The ones I use the most are Audition, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator and sometimes Dreamweaver
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Nov 23, 2012
I see you have your answer. I use PS CS6, Bridge CC, and Acrobat Pro 11. All work fine with Sierra.



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Nov 13, 2007
you'll need the legacy java install for illustrator and/or dreamweaver. but no issues here with the CS6 apps...

You don't "need" the legacy Java install (well, I guess unless you need java features from Dreamweaver or something.) I need to use DW CS6 for work, but for really basic things, things that don't need anything java-related. Turns out that DW CS6 (at least) just checks for certain folders for the old java junk, but doesn't actually need it to run. I followed instructions from here ( and DW CS6 opens/runs fine without having to install any java stuff on my new system.
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Feb 20, 2007
I just upgraded to Sierra 12.3 from 10.8.5. I finally got Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 and PS CS4 working. IDK if this will help anyone, but this is my experience. I thought I'd post it here just in case someone was having the same issues I was having.

PS6 was quirky and illustrator didn't work b/c of the java 6 error. I downloaded java 6 and reinstalled illustrator. They both worked after that. Then I dragged PS CS4 over from a backup HD to the Applications folder and it worked. This took me 4 days to accomplish researching and trying other methods first, so I hope this works and saves some time for some of you.
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