How well does content aware work in CS5?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by adamvk, May 10, 2010.

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    I currently have CS4 Photoshop Extended, and I'm trying to figure out if it would be worth it for me or now. One of the biggest features I see that would be useful for me would be the content aware. I know it works great with small things like removing a person, or a tree, etc.

    I'm wondering, could someone take the image I took and attached and try to make a landscape image of it? Does that make sense? I basically want to see what content aware fill would do if it was three times wider.

    If someone could do this, it would be a HUGE help.


    P.S. The original was too big, so I just took a screenshot of it, which means its a EXIF-less PNG image...I'm not sure if that matters or not though...

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  2. bocomo macrumors 6502

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    that's not really what it's for so i doubt you would get good results

    what you describe would probably be better addressed will some combo of content aware scale and content aware fill

    i've thrown some interesting things at content aware fill and have been amazed. it's not perfect, but it does do an amazing job most of the time
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    You'll get a terrible, potentially abstract result if you try this. If this is what you need, CS5 won't provide it.

    That said, if you shot three images of this scene and tried to fit them together in a panorama, CS5 and content aware fill would be very beneficial. Content aware features are tool like any others and it's easy to demand way too much of them--but used well and touched up, they're powerful.

    It will be interesting if content aware ever evolves past looking at a single image into looking at like a database of images (and then taking color correction into account) for detail--or even an internet-wide database. It would take crazy horsepower and play weird with copyright law but it might be very cool...
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    When adding content to the sides, content-aware simply repeats a portion of the image with small variations. Doesn't work very good at all.

    Example.. I added 200 pixels to each side of this image, and you can see where it has repeated:


    And yeah, that matters a lot. More pixels = more information. :)
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    The fill tool doesn't do what you want it to; perhaps you misunderstand its limitations? Here is a "landscape" interpolated with CAF. You could probably do a little better even using just CAF if you were careful.
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    CS4 has a content aware scale that works the same (but as a scale instead of brush)

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