how well does the 867 mhz pbook 12" work


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Jun 7, 2005
i'm thinking about picking one up this fall (after i blow all my money on my vacation in thailand, singapore, and indonesia, lol)... how do these run today's apps? i do mostly "consumer" things (i.e. no heavy photo or video work).


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Feb 23, 2006
I have an older model 667 TiBook and it runs well. I don't do anything more intensive than surfing the web and word processing though. I never installed iLife on it.


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Apr 19, 2002
New Zealand
I'd say it should perform reasonably well but as always make sure you get a good price cos the current mac laptops offer significant value for money in terms of raw power and features.
I personally have the 667 DVI tibook and its still going strong 4yrs later. I use it for your typical consumer stuff(itunes,web email etc) along with Photoshop and Painter. It may be slow now compared to the new kids on the block but it handles old enough games reasonably well too. It can run Medal of Honour, Halo and Call of Duty. While the setting are all on medium, the games are still very playable and enjoyable.


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Oct 20, 2003
i wonder how using itunes and iphoto would be, however ...
I have a 12" 867 with 768mb RAM. iLife 06 versions of iPhoto/iTunes are fine. Garageband works okay (haven't worked with tons of tracks). Haven't really used iMovie or iDVD since version '05, but they worked okay then.
A stock config would be useable, but I would say upgrade the harddrive at least to 5400 rpm and max the ram (1.2gb) and that will be a great machine for your uses.


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May 25, 2006
Dearborn, MI
I have the 867MHZ model as well and it runs just fine. MS Office runs at the same speed as my MacBook, which isn't bad at all. Garage Band starts to choke pretty bad after you add around eight instruments, and iPhoto works fine as long as you don't have 10K photos obviously. Some heavy web pages run like crap ( for example) but web browsing is generally fine. It can run Divx videos just fine and WMV files run good as well under Flip4Mac. If you can get a good deal on one, I'd say go for it. :)


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Feb 23, 2006
iPhoto might be a bit sluggish, even on my dual 500mhz iPhoto it shows it's age. Then again I have a huge iphoto library.

iTunes plays just fine.