How will/do you use your iPad?


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Jan 22, 2008
Haven't had one of these threads in awhile, always like to see how the use of these progresses......

I originally thought this would be a great web surfing device and Ereader. I have found it to be so much more.,,,,

Of course it does an incredible job surfing the web and reading E-Books. I have actually found myself reading more books these days. I also find it a lot more convenient to have Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and my previous EBooks all on 1 device.

It is now my newspaper, I no longer purchase newspapers in stores, I have the NY Post and The Daily and if desire more news, I surf the web.

I no longer purchase Magazines, either the magazines have released apps that are much better...they update more frequently, or Zinio has what I am looking for.

I am able to utilize Word Processing and Spreadsheets more efficiently, I prefer bringing my iPad out than my Laptop for numerous reasons.

Facetime and Skype are great. I have family in Florida, Upstate NY, and Pennsylvania that I don't get to see as often as I'd like, and friends in other countries so the front facing camera have allowed me to see them :)

I also purchased an SD Card Reader, I am doing my Honeymoon in Bermuda and look forward to being able to see larger size retina quality photos from our excursions.

And the Keyboard is definitely better than I anticipated when I initially thought it would be. I had bought a Bluetooth Keyboard anticipating needing it, I find I use that much more on my MacBook then my iPad.

And for long drives, and sitting a whole day on Jury Duty, as well as train trips to the city it has been an invaluable timekiller in multiple ways.

These are the main things I have loved about this device. I find the Laptop gets used more for Video Editing, and more power and the iPad has hijacked 80% of my computing needs.

How about you?


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Nov 23, 2011
presenter at exhibitions for photographs, whilst my macbook pro and iMac are left running showing videos and slideshows. It is a great tool for this and for web and emails, I also use it as a note book/pad.

If you could put a handle on it it might even vacuum the floor for you it can do most things.


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Aug 2, 2002
Cork, Ireland.
Web, email, gaming; but mostly using the Remote app with the ATV to put on some music, or watch some old rugby games from my iTunes library.

It is very much a home device for me though, I only occasionally take it to the office, and I've never used it anywhere else.