how would I migrate Lightroom edits over to new HDD?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by eyeon, Apr 8, 2008.

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    After a few months of shooting with my new dSLR, I've quickly realized how much storage space is required for all these RAW images -- so I ordered myself a second internal 500GB HDD, onto which I intend to migrate all of my media; video, pictures, and graphic design projects...

    I use and love Lightroom, and have noticed that Lightroom does not seem to create sidecar files with RAW images, and when I migrate over all of my images to another HDD, I would like to keep all of my Lightroom edits/history intact.

    Anyone know of any way to set that up, so that my edits and changes migrate with the original RAW files?

    I have always chosen to "import photos at their current location" rather than copying while importing, just because I like to label and catalog my photo library manually.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Have you tried the simplest possible thing? What happens if you simply copy the folder over to the new location? The worst case would be that you'd need to make an alias that points from the old to the new location.

    One other question. You have a way to back up this new 500GB drive?
  4. twodeko macrumors newbie

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    i have moved my photos from one drive to another on the same install. lightroom will notice that the pictures are not in the original location and ask you to specify where they have moved to, and allows you to find each folder on the new drive.

    this was in OSX, so ymmv. as far as i have noticed, all my edits and such are still there.

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