How would iCloud work in this situation?

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    I live with my parents and we've all got Macs and iDevices and we all use the same iTunes acount. Is there a way to stop all my data (contacts, calendars, documents, apps, music, books, photos, whatever else) being pushed to my parents Macs and iDevices?

    For example, I'd like the photos I take with my phone to show up on my Mac and my iPad (assuming I owned one) but not my parents iPad's or iPhone's or Mac's. This could be very messy.

    Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
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    Yes. You decide first if you want a device to use the iCloud services and second which services to sync on that device. Also your iCloud signup is independent of your iTunes login. For example I have my wife's iPhone linked to my iTunes account. But I have my own iCloud login (now Mobile Me) and she will have her own iCloud login.
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    yea, this is pretty much the same situation i have running at the moment. :)

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