How Would You Change iOS 6?

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by MacFly123, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. MacFly123, Oct 5, 2012
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    Hi all :)

    I got my new iPhone 5 a week ago and have been loving it and iOS 6!

    There are a couple little details that I am not fond of however that I just thought I'd share for kicks:

    1) The Chameleon status bar! I'm sorry but I hate this and have no idea why Apple even introduced this. It looks so weird that it makes your eyes freak out and looks like the menu bars below it are washed out or something. Is it black? Is it blue? Is it white? Looks like all of them vomited together lol!

    Before iOS 6 was released and in beta I would see screen shots and wonder what was wrong and even hypothesized that the white flash from screen shots was off by a frame or something and making the status bar look washed out lol. Point is it is weird and looks BAD and needs to go!

    2) The new phone UI. Overall it is ok, but they are doing the ugly Chameleon thing again in the entry field on the top, and I don't like how the call button at the bottom is smaller than every other button.

    I went to the effort of mocking up my simple solution to the phone UI design and how it could be improved as you can see below.

    So with that, please chime in and share your likes or dislikes with iOS 6 and what you might tweak or change and how etc.

    Have fun and thanks to all :)

    (Shameless plug) I also wanted to let you all know about new videos touring Silicon Valley guided by TechChip (Steve Jobs' chipmunk best friend) hehe :)

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    My gripes with 6 is that it doesn't feel like a new revision. It feels more like a beta 5.5.

    There are many little bugs and glitches being reported (anything from WiFi and LTE issues to the new delay between alert sound/vibration and it appearing on screen), the changes in colors or design seem somewhat haphazard (they changed a volume slider in one place, but not another, the status bar that (sometimes) changes colors, and Apple redesigning the keypad for no known reason), and the features that were new for iOS 6 weren't fully ready for release.

    Maps - I don't think I need to say anything about. Tim said all that I'd need to. Although, even if they did work flawlessly, it's a huge omission that it doesn't even have a night mode (a feature practically every navigation system has had in the past 10 years).

    Passbook - A decent idea, but they didn't have nearly enough vendors ready at release for a 'supposed' major feature. Sure, the possibilities are there, but they should have had over 100 vendors at launch for them to push it the way they did. The fact that people have to go to Passsource (or another similar site) to input their keychain tags into Passbook is laughable. Apple should have had their own method from the get go.

    Do Not Disturb - A great idea (and one that's long overdue), but I don't know anyone who follows the same schedule every day of the week.

    Siri - It is much more knowledgeable than before, and there was a huge push that it now knows sports, but it doesn't know racing, golf, tennis, boxing, etc. I'm not saying it needs to know all the stats on girls pee-wee softball, but it'd be nice if it knew more.

    Overall, iOS6 shows promise, but it seems for every change they made or new feature that's now available, they didn't think it through and it leaves everything feeling only half completed.
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    Thanks for commenting :)

    I pretty much agree with your points above. I do wonder how much was due to the immense amount of work they did on maps even though it has a ways to go. But I wonder if the pressure is really on now for iOS 7 and if they will deliver some really cool and thorough stuff. I hope so!

    Another UI thing I really dislike is the "Now Playing" screen in the music app. They adjusted it for the taller screen on iPhone 5 and now it just looks like a cluttered mess. It seriously looks like a UI from an Android phone! :(

    P.S. What do you think of my rehash of the phone UI above? Just curious of your opinion.

    Thanks :)

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    The problem with Siri is it relies on partnerships to get data. Apple isn't a data mining company and yet it attempts to distribute a tonne of data.
    Google now beats Siri because it is a data mining company, with tonnes and tonnes of data (essentially, each page listed on a Google search is a data-providing partner of Google, whereas Apple has to actually manually negotiate with individual companies like Wolfram, Open Table and and Yelp to be partners with them get the data) and it's a mature technology to know how to sort all that data and can understand human input far better than Siri due to it getting a tremendous amount of inputs...every second.

    An Apple + Google Partnership would've benefited the resulting features in phones greatly. I think that was the idea from the get-go with the original iPhone. Too bad Google did a backstab and decides to be evil with their data usage..and now Apple has to rely on plan B partners.
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    Dec 25, 2006
    Yes there is some truth to what you say. However Google does and will have more challenging competitors in the data area as time goes on and Apple can partner with them or even acquire them if they see fit. But I think partnerships are more likely.

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