How would you organize your 3TB fusion Drive ?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by jigsb007, Dec 12, 2012.

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    :confused:Hello All,:confused:

    Since now, imac is coming home..slowly by slowy...i am also expecting my imac to deliver smoewhere in last week of Dec-12.
    i need some thoughts on how would you guys organize your 3TB HDD or what is the best possible way of doing it ?

    i am window user so far, have 1 TB HDD and 1 TB external..

    This is what i am planning to do..

    music > 30GB and building up
    video >150 GB and building up
    pictures >60 GB and going up

    i am planning to install VM ware...(for office work thru VPN )

    so, how should i manage 3TB? should i partition it ? or just put everything in one big partition ???

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    It depends on how organised a person you are....when I get mine in the new year, I will probably leave it as one partition, mainly because I have a Pegasus R4 which is divided into sections in two RAID0 arrays....I manage the 1TB drive on my imac just fine with folders....Never felt the need to partition it at all...My Time Capsule takes care of all three Macs as far as backups goes too.

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