How you finding Siri shortcuts?

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    The Game 161

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    this and group notification is what I was looking forward to trying.

    How have people found It? Useful? Or something you don’t think it has a need

    I think when leaving for work getting it to play my podcasts and leaving to put lights on etc would be good.

    Does for example saying I’m on my way home send a text a message on WhatsApp saying I’m on my way home or will that work only on stock messages?
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    Well it’s not fully implemented yet. For example, there is no shortcuts app.
  3. zenbearbro Suspended

    Jun 16, 2018
    Would love to hear what some your favorite shortcuts are. Maybe next beta the app will be there.
  4. cmaier Suspended

    Jul 25, 2007
    Neat so far. Workflow app provides most of what shortcuts app will provide. There are some shortcomings still.

    1. Buggy. Ability to add new shortcuts stops working at random.
    2. Siri shortcuts can’t take inputs. “Order two tacos” is a different shortcut from “order one taco” and you have to set them up separately.
    3. Output of one Siri shortcut can’t be used as input to another. You can’t “send a message to Katie using iMessage with the weather from carrot” where those are two shortcuts. You have to create a workflow for that specific combination amen assign it a shortcut. And even then, if One of the steps in your workflow is a shortcut itself, you can’t retrieve the output of that step and use it in another.

    I suspect some of this won’t be resolved until ios13. The bugginess will be though.

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