Howto Stream Music to another pc//(almost) free Airtunes

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by finnschi, Feb 8, 2009.

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    So You like the Idea of being able to stream your music over wifi? but you don't want to pay 100$ for a aiport base station? and you have some "old" pc/macs sitting around?

    I found the ultimate solution for you!

    I tried to stream my music (use my old laptops as a wifi speaker station) for some time now, and I recently found Airfoil and it works GREAT!!! it even includes a video player which automaticly syncs the sound to the video(VERY usefull)

    you only need The application, and another pc/mac, its really easy to set up, and you can not only stream iTunes music, but also any other sound on your mac!! I use it everyday, and I just wanted to share that, because i did not find any other solution! !

    What I did:

    I used a Old laptop (some old Acer 1,5 Ghz P4m) and modded it , I turned the Screen around so that it would look like a "tablet" then I put it behind a old Picture frame, and Now I have a 15" Pictureframe PC , running windows xP(yes it plays Doom) ;) I hooked up lots of speakers to it (using external soundcard) and then used Airfoil to get the music on there, then , I sit on my Sofa with my macbook and controll the music.

    The Old acer is also used to show a slideshow of my pictures or to display a Visulizer!

    I also recommend to have the "base station pc" hooked up to via cable(ethernet).

    It works fine over G/N , but i wont recommend B (11mbits) , I used to only have a B network, and it was really laggy....

    PS: i am now, deploying old pc's in every room in my House, so I can play the same song in every Room in my House in Sync!!! ( to save power they all have power on Lan, so I can Remotely start them, using my iPhone/mac)

    The next step would be to directly stream music from ym iphone... although I can use to basically have the same function... :cool:

    PS2: if anyone wants pictures of the pictureframe pc, tell me :) :eek:
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    Dec 29, 2007
    I wouldn't mind seeing the pictures, thanks.

    I love Airfoil too. It was great at Christmas for playing music I didn't really want to buy, with songza.

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