Hp Deskjet F2480 not working with my imac

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    Jun 16, 2011

    So, i got my new imac a couple of months ago and i just plugged in my printer via USB (no usb hub), the system recognized it and downloaded the new driver with software update and it was on the list of my printers. But when i tried to print something, it says the printer is not connected, or the printer is offline. Same with the scanning. (Scanner not available, Status: Offline)

    I didnt bother too much with it, because i waited for the Lion. But same thing here too...

    I tried to unplug the printer, reseting the printing system, deleting the drivers, install and uninstall the old HP software, tried with several usb cables in different ports, every solution i found in this forum, but nothing seems to work.

    The printer is working, because i also have a Macbook Pro, and works with it flawless.

    I thought about it to posting this in the iMac thread, but i think this is more likely a software related issue.

    Any idea? Thanks.
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    I would like to help.


    I found a friend. welcome, link below.

    hp deskjet f2480 driver


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