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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by shawnathan, Apr 28, 2009.

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    I'm getting married in June, and being a designer by trade I decided to make our invitations. They were to be printed on 8.5" x 5.5" paper, however this is not a standard desktop printing size. So no problem, I just figured I would create a custom size in my printing options and I'd be fine. I have an HP Photosmart 7760w by the way. Granted it just turned 5 years old, and wasn't a top of the line printer back then, but it does a great job for what I need it for. So I made my custom size and went to print. The paper starts to go through, but as soon as it gets ready to lay ink down it freezes and says on the screen, "Paper is too small. Choose a larger paper size. Job was cancelled. Press OK."

    I soon realized this happens on EVERY custom sized paper I try to use now. I made sure all my drivers were up to date and they were. So I called HP support and they were going to charge me $30 to speak to a tech, so I opted to go the free route and use the email tech support. A Couple days later, they responded saying that since Leopard now includes basic printing functionality for just about all of their printers, they have stopped developing their Mac printer drivers once the printers reach a certain age. Well, basic printing apparently ONLY includes standard paper sizes, nothing customizable at all.

    My father has the same printer but has Windows XP, and his drivers are perfect still and are still being updated by HP since Windows doesn't include any built-in functionality at all. So Apple goes and does something foreseeably good by adding features, but it did nothing but make my perfectly good printer utterly useless for certain things. I know it's not Apple's fault, it's HP. And yes, I understand the printer is 5 years old, but the Windows drivers are still being developed for it. It's not fair for me to have to toss my printer because of this. Here is part of the email response I got from them:

    "This printer model was released in the year 2004. Therefore the drivers were developed for the Mac operating systems available then. The drivers have been upgraded to Mac OS X 10.4. So the compatible drivers may not be developed for Mac OS X 10.5 because Mac OS X 10.5 comes with inbuilt basic printing drivers for old printers.
    This printer is obsolete and currently the printers that are being developed have drivers compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and also Mac OS X 10.4. I regret the inconvenience caused. As the printer is still in a good working condition I would suggest you to use the printer. If downgrading the Mac operating system appears to be cost effective then purchasing a new printer then you may downgrade the operating system to Mac OS X 10.4."
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    You might run into the same issues with the printer if you had upgraded to Vista.

    Understand that all the printer manufacturers operate the same way. In addition to selling you expensive ink they also want to ell you a new printer on a regular basis.

    Unfortunately for me most of the new printers don't do the things that my old one will and do a bunch of things I am not interested in.

    There ought to be a law!! :mad:
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