HP Media Center PC w/ iPod Dock

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    HP has a new model of their Media Center PC line that now includes a built in dock for an iPod on the top of the tower. They have also moved away from the black coloring of the older Media Center units to a new silver color. Not the best looking desktop in the world but they do include the iPod dock which I think is a great idea for a media PC. Also, the DVD burner is one of those LightScribe drives.

    Bad things about it include an on-board graphics chip. Why would anyone want a media center with this kind of graphics?? Even the old ones have a regular AGP graphics card and I believe the last models moved to PCIExpress. (Mine is 2 years old and has a 128mb GeForce 4 which I think would be better than a 64mb on-board, right??)

    They also finally got rid of the floppy drive. I think this is one of the first HPs to do that as well.

    Here's a few links:
    Yahoo News Article

    CompUSA Product Page (Has the best picture I could find of the thing)

    HP Product Page
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    Can they make computers any uglier?

    I admit, I like how HP puts a lot of the I/O stuff up front, but the faces of these machines look like tackle boxes with all the drawers anymore. :rolleyes:

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