HP officejet pro x Page Wide Array Printers


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Sep 8, 2011
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
I don't have specific experience with those printers, but I have noticed several inkjet options claiming to be "cheaper than laser" in terms of supplies.

I'm sure that can be true. The issue I've run into with inkjet, though, is aging of the ink. If you don't print a lot, then the nozzles end up getting clogged and you waste a lot of ink with the cleaning process. My color laser printer might go a couple of years per toner cartridge - but there is no waste and no clogging.

So if you print a LOT, then one of these is probably worth considering. I try to keep paper to a minimum, so I'm sticking with laser.


May 10, 2004
I think that they are bigger than normal inkjets, so no go for me.
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