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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by puckhead193, Dec 21, 2011.

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    May 25, 2004
    I have a few year old HP multifunction printer that has been working great for all these years, however recently it started to print pink...no worries change the ink cartridge. I change it, still printing pink. The printer said one of my cartridges was expired, (how ink expires is beyond me) so I changed that cartridge. Same issue. I took a longer look this morning and notice my printer as ink spots inside. (see photo) I took a towel wiped up what I could and still printing pink. I cleaned the heads from using the printer menu and still its not printing correctly. No black text is printing just blue is printing.
    Any ideas on a fix?

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    Many products have a finite shelf life, not just ink. For several years now, certain HP ink cartridges have had expiration dates coded into their circuitry.

    As for your pink print, we can't tell much by looking at a picture of your carriage bay. A picture of the printed paper would have been much more informative.

    Additional advice:
    1. Wiping print heads with a rag is not a good idea. You will like get additional lint into the jets and you may damage the heads. I use a Q-tip dipped in alcohol. That said, inkjets are an expensive and delicate technology. When having printing problems with inkjet printers, I find that it is best just to replace the offending cartridges with new ones.
    2. Print your printer's test page. I should print bands or spots of each of your printer's colors. This will tell you which of your printer cartridges are working properly.
    3. Whenever you ask for help with a device, give the specific brand and model of the problematic device. HP makes many models of multifunction printer. We can give you much better help if you know your specific model.

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