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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Braggi, Mar 9, 2008.

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    Mar 9, 2008
    Has Hewlett Packard ever come out with OS X support for the Scanjet 5300c? I saw posts from six years ago bemoaning HPs crappy support for Macintosh owners. I've been using this very fine quality scanner FOREVER (ok, only for about ten years) with OS 9 software. HP has nifty new software for scanners that runs under OS X but the old "scanner not found" error message comes up when I boot it. How hard is it to support older equipment with current software? It's worth noting that HP has never had software that supported the Scanjet, even when it was new, under OS X.

    Is there any other scanner software that works?

    I won't say how many hours I've wasted looking for solutions to this one. It really wasn't worth buying this from HP and my experience with it will lead me away from ever buying another piece of HP hardware.

    If they won't support the hardware with software that runs with current systems they don't deserve our money.


    PS. This is now an issue because I'm finally getting rid of my old trusty iMac G3 which has always run my ScanJet under OS 9. I have an iBook running 10.3.9.
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    Feb 21, 2008
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    See if this helps https://warp2.external.hp.com/Driver/dr_country_select.asp?Product=C7697-14320&lang=en&cc=us

    I just looked up your model on HP's website, but looks like you have to order the cds for it for OSX.

    BTW I have one of those inverted Scanjet 4670 scanners.. and they suck.. When I bought one it kept putting in light and dark bars in my scan. When I called HP and told them about it their solution was to send me a refurbished one... turns out I went through three of them and they all did the same thing.

    Hope this solution works.

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