HP Testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

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    HP may build an entirely new tablet using Microsoft's upcoming ARM-friendly OS, Windows 8.

    Clayton Morris from FOX News reports that HP is currently doing "proof of concept work" testing the Preview Edition of Windows 8 on TouchPad tablets without webOS installed.

    According to unnamed sources within HP, the company is having internal discussions about reviving the defunct webOS-based version after the supposed second fire sale wave takes place on an unspecified date. The company is also considering building an entirely new device instead with Windows 8 in mind.

    The TouchPad was a brief glimmer on the market before HP pulled the device not two months after its debut. Yet despite the talk about selling off its PC division and putting webOS on hold, HP firmly stated that it had no plans to exit the tablet sector.

    HP seemingly backed up its commitment by resurrecting the TouchPad for a brief fire sale back in August, offering the device for $99. The tablets were consumed in a matter of hours, prompting HP to promise another wave at an undetermined date.

    It's quite possible that HP is testing Windows 8 on the current hardware set to see if any slight modifications are needed to the TouchPad before Microsoft reportedly launches Windows 8 in August 2012. The company could switch to Nvidia's quad-core Tegra 3 and add more RAM to possibly put it in the same league as the Android 4-powered Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime.

    Morris also reports that layoff notices in the PC division have been put on hold while HP determines its outcome. On the webOS front, the company is reportedly meeting with a number of interested buyers including HTC, LG, Nikon, and Amazon.


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    I'd take one over an iPad, but I'd probably wait until the project is a little more mature to jump in. I'm interested in the possibilities of a seamless transition from a tablet to a monitor/touchpad though, i think it would be a great feature for MS to explore.

    Like if I had desktop and a tablet, I dock my tablet and it becomes a second monitor to my desktop while syncing my docs and pictures and bookmarks across the two.
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    When did this happen ? Seriously, the media needs to stop this ignorant reporting. webOS was never put on hold. webOS devices were put on the chopping block, there never was announced plans by HP to drop webOS itself. In fact, I just got an update to webOS on my TouchPad last week.

    And it wouldn't surprise me if HP weren't testing on the TouchPad, but rather on the Slate, which already is a Windows based tablet :


    Of course, both Fox and Tom's are about as clued in as neanderthal walking into Best Buy...

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