HTC One M8 vs. Sony XPERIA Z2

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by dfresh, Jun 22, 2014.

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    So I currently have a iPhone 5. I'm looking to sell it so I can get a new phone. I'm going to probably take a break from iOS. Since I'm getting a cellular iPad Air as a graduation gift I feel I have too many iOS devices already, so I'm looking to retry android. I had a Note 8.0 in the past but Touchwiz made it super slow and I ended up selling it. However I flashed stock Android and liked it better, so I'm looking for an Android that's smooth and non-laggy. I'm looking at the HTC One M8 and the Sony XPERIA Z2. I've never tried an HTC device, so I'm stepping into unknown waters here, but hear great things about it. However for Sony, before my iPhone days I had a Walkman 780i phone and an XPERIA X1, and I really liked them. So I'm considering the two, both have their pros and cons, but not sure what to choose. I want a phone that lasts all day, unlike the iPhone 5, good audio, and of course, as said earlier, needs to be smooth and have no lag.
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    My 2 cents......
    I have never had an Sony can't speak to first hand experiences. But i have read a ton of reviews. They say the camera is very very nice. It takes great pictures. If camera is important to you then i would lean toward the Xperia.
    The HTC M8 is an awesome phone. It is very fast and the battery life is the best I have had so far. It also think the UI (Sense 6) is one of the most responsive UIs in a phone. HTC has done a great job with the design and build quality of the M8. But now...the camera......It is the biggest flaw in the M8. It takes OK pictures but just not great pictures. It has a 4 UltraPixel camera.
    The M8 i have is my daily driver. So that says a lot because i have had a ton of phones. So if camera is important to you...get the build quality (not that the Z2 is bad) and optimized UI...then choose the M8. Its really which one fits your needs more.

    Here is a good side by side comparison:
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    Southern California
    My Review of the Xperia Z2

    My Review of the HTC One M8

    Hope that helps. In short, jamezr pretty much summed it up. If you want an awesome camera go for the Sony. If you want a more refined phone (software-wise) with more customized ROMs and developer support, go for the M8.
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    ^ Yeah the two have said it all really and I concur also from my own experience.
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    Also take into consideration that the Z2 has been having some issues: overheating, display issues, etc.

    I would go with the M8. You can even turn it into the Google Edition one, and HTC has been really good with updates lately.
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    Tig Bitties

    Sep 6, 2012
    I am loving my HTC One M8. I bought the carrier version from ATT, in Glacial Silver.

    Right away rooted it, with a custom Recovery, and installed the official GPE ROM.

    Wow :) :). This phone on the Google Play Edition ROM is breathtaking, just awesome. And battery life is superb, it gets close to what my old Note 2 got, and that phone is known as the best battery friendly smartphone.

    I routinely get 24+ hours and with 6h Screen On timetime.
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    I concur with this!

    I have used the M8 quite often and a friend has the Z2. Im messed around with both for a good amount of time. I really really like the M8, more polished of a phone IMO.

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