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    I normally use the phone (outside of phone calls) for video recording (I use the iPad for iOS games because I prefer not to squint). One feature that the HTC One added was remote tv and cable box controller support via the infrared port behind the power button. Now I am slowly using it to replace the two large remotes that I use.

    Here are two videos showing the remote controller feature and the video recording on the HTC one. Hope it helps those who are interested in knowing more information on these features.

    Camera video recording
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    I haven't watched the whole video one but was it on a tripod? Seems like a real decent camera. The remote function is great as well.
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    No. It was held up with hands, with the lens pressed against the glass window of a monorail train, recording the scenery.

    I played with the HTC One camera more (I am coming from Apple's iPad 4 camera) and have some tips. It seems what happens is that whatever the center of the screen sees, it will use that to adjust the contrast or brightness of the recording (I don't know what the size of the center is at the moment). In other words if the center is pointed at a bright light, the whole scene will darken, and if it is pointed at a dark spot, the whole scene will lighten very quickly. It would be great if you could "lock" on a brightness for the whole video. Locking is good for video recording because you don't want a video full of darkening and lightening while you pan around. Otherwise on some recordings, minor movement of phone will change darkness/lightness of the recording, which is pretty bad for stage/live theatre performances).

    Here are some things I playing around with to compensate for this. Go into the settings and set both the Contrast and Exposure settings to lowest (Otherwise, I find that bright areas will get washed out in bloom, destroying details). Setting it to lowest will lessen the bloom and washed out effect. You can then set the ISO to your desired setting (it will somewhat keep it at a brightness but great change in scenery brightness and darkness still makes it auto adjust somewhat).

    The camera has very good performance in low light. You can probably use it for night vision somewhat. I am serious. At nighttime out in a garden when you see nothing in the dark, it can make it look like sunset. In normal lighting, I don't see a great difference between it and the iPad 4 I normally use. So don't expect great results for HTC One's camera except in low light situations.

    I am hoping there are more options for "locking" things (exposure, contrast, focus, etc) in the future by tap locking on a screen area or at least provide a move-able square (using a size you can adjust) that can be used for calculating what to lock for exposure, contrast, etc. Maybe a quick way to reuse the square as you pan around. Maybe Android or HTC can come up with something (I think Android more likely).

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