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Jan 14, 2009
I don't know HTML, but I'd like to be able to do basic HTML tasks.

Is there any application out there that allows you to type in text and it becomes html?


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Jul 29, 2011
Is there any application out there that allows you to type in text and it becomes html? all means go and learn the basics of HTML (it isn't quantum mechanics, and all you need is a text editor, web browser and one of the many fine online guides - e.g. but if your motivation is "I need a website" rather than self-education, then the sensible routes these days are either:

1. If you want an 'off the peg' website with all the standard trimmings, use a 'content management' system (wordpress, drupal, joomla, various 'wikis' etc.) If you're not a Googlephobe, try Google sites - otherwise there are plenty of other (free or paid) hosting services for wordpress etc. No HTML required, and you solve the problem of how to host your site at the same time.

or 2. If you want something 'bespoke', go learn advanced HTML & CSS, plus Javascript and PHP, so you can either write your site from scratch, or produce custom templates for wordpress etc.

Dreamweaver does what you describe, but costs serious money. There are plenty of free 'WYSIWYG' HTML editors available (such as TinyMCE), but they are designed for web designers to integrate into their sites to provide user-friendly content editing, not as stand-alone applications (i.e. you need to know HTML and Javascript to get them working!)

Jessica Lares

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Oct 31, 2009
Near Dallas, Texas, USA
What do you want to use the HTML for exactly? What do you mean by "tasks"?

I personally prefer to use Markdown these days for text and images. For simple pages, there's nothing wrong going that route. You can mix both the basic HTML with it too.

Here would be your "code" so to speak:

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 4.32.30 AM.png

And this would be the HTML output:

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 4.32.20 AM.png

The only thing is that you'd have to worry about embedding the CSS file.

I would still learn a little HTML to begin with though.
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