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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by fjs08, Jan 16, 2005.

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    Does it matter how the HTML file is formed to get it into .Mac Home Page web building?? I've generated HTML's from my computer baseball games that I can just put into iDisk/Sites and they are useable. Actually I generated them from a Windows game played on VirtualPC. However, I used PowerPoint from Mac Office 2004 to generate an HTML file. I put that into iDisk/Sites and when I tried to use it I received a message that the "body tag" wasn't found??? I made a few files, some with photos, some with text only and I received the same result.

    Any thoughts. Also, and I know this is probably premature, will Pages or Keynote allow me to do this???


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    I have no idea but i would like to know aswell since i am thinking of making an HTML site aswell.
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    Dec 24, 2003
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    Thanks for the heads up on DotMac. I posted a note there too. we'll see what shake out.

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    Some coding


    You can absolutely use your .Mac account for html you've generated elsewhere. I have two sites up and running that don't use "homepage" at all. It's a simple drag and drop into your "iDisk/Sites" folder.

    Unfortunately, there are problems with using programs to generate your html for you. Generally, they generate lots of extraneous code. Some also generate IE-specific code. It sounds like yours actually forgot a little code.

    It's worth learning some basic HTML so you can find these problems from within the code yourself if you need to. In your example, it sounds like what is missing in the code is the "tag":


    that tells the browser that this is where the code coding the body of the page begins and


    that tells the browser that this is where the code coding the body of the page ends.

    is a good place to get some free tutorials on basic html.

    In the mean time, can you post a link to your ".html" document? Just drop it into your sites folder and give us the url as:

    (unless you have it deeper inside a folder, in which case, you'd add those folder names between the username and the docname.

    And we can take a peak at the source code for you.

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