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    Feb 25, 2004
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    I will be getting my first HDTV within the next month, and was looking at building an HTPC to compliment it. I would use it to play dvds (from the disc and the hard drive, as I would rip all my DVDs into it), record standard and/or high definition TV (analog cable and free-to-air HD), and play various content (music and video) I download / purchase from online. It would also have to be tough enough to play high definition video content as it comes availble.

    I see many solutions on the PC side of things including Windows Media Center Edition, MythTV, and the like. However, I havn't found much on the Mac side. I would much rather purchase a new Mac than build a PC, providing there is frontend software to allow for easy control via a remote. I've seen some promising development on the Mac side of things (Centerstage, MythTV frontend), but they are not ready for primetime.

    Does anybody here use their Mac as a media center, and how do you have it setup? What frontend software? Remote control?
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    Jul 17, 2002
    You may find what you want here.
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    Villa Park, IL
    Thanks, I would definately use an EyeTV or two for my setup. But I'm still wondering about what frontend to use to control everything. Using a mouse isn't the kind of interface I want (especially since I'll be moving over from a TiVo).
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    On the PC side of technology

    Since this thread started months ago, things have moved on a bit in the Apple world with the Intel announcements, and I personally have been looking into a Digital Lifestyle hub, or as I suppose you could cal it, a HTPC.

    Have any of you guys ever seen the Silverstone range of HTPC cases?


    If Apple are looking into this marketplace, they in a way half way there with case design and are never shirkers from interesting product design.

    Look at the Silverstone LC18 for instance....It looks half like a cross between the XServe/XRaid ranges, a bit of PowerBook G4 and little bits of Quicksilver G4 too.

    Now, make this with new cheap, value for money Mactel hardware, Apple software and get it at a $999 pricetag and watch it rock! TIVO/PVR hardware, good graphics, itunes, wireless all that Apple lifestyle stuff and you'd smash this market to pieces overnight. Its 'so' Apple, and a market ripe for colonisation

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