Hue, Homekit, iCloud & Siri Woes


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Mar 11, 2012
I cannot get my new Hue bridge 2 to play well with iCould keychain and Siri. No matter what I try I cannot get past a page on the Hue app that says the "iCloud data sync is in progress. Please wait a few minutes and try again."

I've tried the recommendations on the Hue website. Sign out of iCloud and then try to use Siri on the hue app and log back in AFTER opening the app, but even that gets me nowhere.

Has anyone encountered this and have a remedy?

FWIW I've set up the hue app on three different devices (two iPads and one iPhone) and I've also got Hue Disco running on those devices as well. The apps work great, EXCEPT I can't get any cooperation from HomeKit/Siri/iCloud.

This is apple, isn't it just supposed to work???


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Nov 13, 2015
Was your iCloud keychain turned on before setting up siri in the hue app? I had the same "iCloud data sync is in progress..." error while setting up my ecobee3. After I tried turning on the keychain first, I was able to then connect to the ecobee3 and also recently connected to the Hue bridge 2 as well

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