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  1. yugoslavia macrumors newbie

    Oct 27, 2011
    sorry for being nooby, but i'm new to this whole scene.

    so i backed up my iphone 3gs and restored it. i have a T-Mobile sim card, and so naturally the sim card wasn't supported on the new format [i updated to 4.3.3 i believe].

    So i went online and got redsnow RC 18, and "iPhone2,1_4.3.3_8J2_Restore" for the restore firmware. I went through the regular jailbreak process to activate/unlock my phone (and to obviously just jailbreak it) and got to "please wait for reboot" where nothing happens.

    i've spent the past 5 ****ing hours looking for a solution, and i've came to literally NOTHING. replugging the cord in and out did nothing, switching the firmware around a bit did nothing, etc.

    so i'm totally at my wits end. i realize that i probably ****ed something up along the way, and i desperately need this community's help. i can't even open my iphone because the sim card is not supported. any help would be appreciated, please, and thanks in advance.
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    Mar 15, 2009
    Maybe you shouldn't be doing these things with your iPhone? Just saying.

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