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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by asdemeter, Aug 8, 2009.

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    Aug 8, 2009
    I read a thread here about a guy who had thousands of .tmp files in his iTunes folder, and that's as close to my problem as I can find...but mine's a bit more insane.

    I have lots of CDs...and recently decided to rip a big cluster of them to my iTunes. Last night, I got a couple of new ones, and added them. I went to put my iPod in, and noticed that my iPod had more songs than my iTunes playlist of the same name. (I don't use Sync, I manually add music to my iPod...lots faster when you have around 10,000 songs.) So I got to looking, and sorted by date added, and sure enough, about 500 songs were missing! I decided to restart iTunes and see if that would fix it...not only did it not fix it, but it lost the 2 CDs I'd just added!

    I looked in my music folder, fearing I had around 50 CDs to put back on my computer...but it's all there. So I exported the playlists, took all the music out of the library, re-added it from my iTunes music folder, re-imported the playlists and then went through, finding the things I needed to add to those. Just in case, I also re-exported the playlists so that if I had to do it again, it'd be pretty quick.

    That worked fine...but as soon as I closed iTunes and reopened it, it was right back where it was. My metal playlist went from 10,208 songs to 9,686...right where it keeps going to. In the process of ripping CDs - and I can pinpoint exactly which CD was the last it "remembers" and which is the first it "forgot" - it stopped saving where it was at, basically. It just goes back to that point.

    So I was looking around at stuff, and noticed that in my iTunes folder, where nothing usually is, there were a ton - about 800 - of .tmp files. I deleted all of them...except one. I have Windows XP, and it will not allow me to delete the file called "iT.tmp", because it's corrupted. Can't move it, delete it or rename it. The files after that were iT.tmp1, etc...all the way up to 790. Basically, everytime iTunes was turned off or a change was made, the program is doing something with that corrupted file and then writing a new one - sans any of those changes. I can't think that in the few weeks since I was ripping those CDs that I've used iTunes that many times...but I tested it by opening and closing iTunes, and sure enough, it leaves a new .tmp.

    Does anyone know what I can do? If I uninstall iTunes and reinstall it, will it erase my library, too? If I have to back it up - nearly 60GB - it's an all-day project...and I'd like to not have to do that, because the whole point of this exercise was to get my iPod ready for a sudden trip I have to go on. Should I just try and "update" iTunes and maybe that will fix it? I tend to doubt this one, only because just yesterday or the other day, a new iTunes update was put in, but the dates on these .tmp files go back to July 22nd - indeed, the last time I was ripping CDs. If I DO have to uninstall iTunes, I just want to know if the library will remain as it is, I guess...unless someone knows how to make Windows let me delete a corrupt .tmp file, which would hopefully solve it anyway. Any help would be appreciated...

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    i don't know what the .tmp files could be but here's what i would do.

    - I would locate all of the files you ripped and put them into an "mp3" folder somewhere outside of your itunes folder in your 'my documents'. (I keep all mine on an external incase my computer ***** the bed.)

    - Then reinstall iTunes. (no fear of losing anything)
    - re'add' all the ripped files from your mp3 folder. (keep in mind you won't be able to move the mp3 folder from its location after doing this or else iTunes will be looking for that folder in the location it was at at the time you added all the files to iTunes)

    This should clear out those .tmp files, and restore iTunes and refresh all your music.

    Lastly. I use to do all my music management manually too, but I figured a way to make it much easier using autosync. I just made playlists and had the iPhone sync only off of them.

    example playlist:
    1 - All iPhone Music (just drag and drop all the music you want on your iPhone into this playlist)
    - i did this because i had a lot of smart playlists based off of playcount...and autosync combines the playcounts from your iTunes and your iPhone into one sum, and matches the counts on both...its sweet.

    (any smart playlists you make would then have to have the criteria of "playlist" "is" "all iPhone Mucis"...plust whatever other criteria you wish to narrow down your music.)

    Its kind of confusing to say...hope any of that helps and that it got to you in time before your trip, Good Luck.

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