Huge loophole in the latest iWork & Aperture upgrade

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by wmy5, Oct 24, 2013.

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    As you know, owners of DVD version iWork'09 and iLife'11 can get free upgrade via Mac App Store. Whenever these users click "Update" button, a prompt let them enter their Apple ID, then the new versions are automatically associated with their Apple ID, appeared in the "Purchased" section.

    The problem is Apple doesn't detect wether iWork installed is full DVD version or Trail version. That is to say, anyone who have never owned iWork, and his/her Mac isn't purchased after Oct. 1, still can get a full iWork for free simply by installing iWork'09 Trail, and updating via MAS.

    You may say that Apple is going to give iWork for free anyway, but the same story also applies to the $79.99 Aperture 3! As long as the user installed a copy of Aperture 3.x, no matter with correct activation code or not, s/he can get Aperture 3.5 for free in the MAS. After clicking the "Update" button, they will have record in their MAS purchased section, and can download&update Aperture in MAS hereafter.

    I don't know whether Apple is intended to do so or it's just a mistake. Clearly many have already taken advantage of that loophole. I think Apple should fix it.

    (I have DVDs of Aperture 3 and iWork'09.)
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    I just got a warning for posting how to do this and my thread removed. Be wary.
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    I don't think apple actually cares about this. In fact, it could be deliberate to get everyone using the newer versions without acknowledging it and upsetting people who paid to upgrade. The more people using and being comfotable with apple software the less likely they are to switch to something else.

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