HUGE UPS Fail today !!'

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by HawaiiMacAddict, Oct 15, 2011.

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    I got lucky, in that I had to work this past Sunday and got today off as a result. Imagine waiting all day long for your new iPhone to arrive, not seeing a UPS truck or hearing a doorbell or knock at your door, only to refresh the UPS tracking page and read that the first attempt at delivery had already taken place. Now imagine going outside to your front door and NOT finding the paperwork normally left following a missed delivery. I was fit to be tied! I had absolutely no proof that the delivery had been attempted, other that the website. I was not alone today - mother- and father-in-law were both there for the majority of the day. More importantly, at the time of the supposed delivery, all three of us were home! If this is the way UPS normally operates (just drive by the house and not stop if anyone is waiting in the front yard), I will NEVER even consider using them again. I am now forced to go to their warehouse and wait with over 200 other people for our packages, primarily iPhone 4Ss. We've all been here for more than an hour and may have to wait for another hour unroll all the trucks come in. At least in the line at the Apple Store water is given out. This is utterly INSANE !!!
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    I had no choice in delivery carriers, but see why you are frustrated.
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    I think they have some kind of customer service, you can call. Try it!
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    I understand how you feel. Few years ago I was on the same boat with some Nintendo Wiis. The delivery address was a business address and we were all here during the time of the so-called attempted delivery. I was pissed and called the UPS # but there isn't much they can do about it. I insisted that the driver wasn't even here at all but the customer service didn't really care and thought I was just being unreasonable. She just offered to set up a pickup at the local hub. I waited few hours there because the truck also had a flat tire or something on the way back... SERIOUSLY? Now I think about it they probably did it on purpose since I complained! It was a horrible experience.
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    UPS is one epic failure after another


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