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Discussion in 'Apple TV Apps' started by spinningblade, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. spinningblade macrumors member


    Nov 3, 2015
    I canceled my cable over a year ago so my only source of current television is through Hulu. I've used it on the Apple TV 3 and really enjoyed the experience. I live and die by the Hulu queue. It's the only aspect of the app that I use. I use Hulu just like I used a DVR. I let Hulu know which shows I liked, and then when I would open the Hulu app on ATV3, I would just click the up button and the Queue menu there at the top. Easy.

    Now, with the Apple TV 4, the interface has changed. The Queue is no longer easy to access. It SHOULD be a main menu option in the app, but when you open it up, the queue is no where to be found. Then I started scrolling through categories/genres (using the right to left swiping motion) I pass movies, tvs, some other genres, something about korean dramas, and then the next categorie, hidden in all the others, is the queue.

    Why on God's green earth would you put the Queue there?? What is worse, when I go to my Queue, it just shows me pictures of shows that I like, but it does not indicate how many unwatched episodes each show has. This was a very informative feature on Apple TV 3. And it's important because a lot of episodes expire after 30 days from the original broadcast. So if one of my shows has 3 or 4 unwatched episodes, it's a good indicator that I better catch up before I lose an episode.

    So, I thought maybe since Hulu was listed as one of the apps that has the Siri search enabled, I could easily bypass this hideous interface and go straight to the various shows that I watch on Hulu. I tested it out. I started from the main Apple TV screen and said "Go to my Hulu queue". Siri responded with "You do not have any apps called HULU QUEUE." I then said "Watch The Daily Show" (a show that I watch on Hulu every single week night) Siri takes me to a generic Daily Show splash page and an option to browse the iTunes store and purchase previous episodes of The Daily show for 99 cents. Seriously?!? It didn't even offer Hulu as an option of viewing The Daily Show.

    I tried another show. "Watch Nathan For You." (since I knew that I had several unwatched episodes in my Hulu queue) It again took me to the show's splash page and listed iTunes and Hulu as places that I could watch the show. I click on Hulu, then have to navigate down through the Nathan For You series listings until I find an episode I haven't watched. Shouldn't Hulu know what episodes have been unwatched and present those FIRST??

    So, the Hulu app was a disappointment. The Siri search (which Apple makes a big deal about) is not very convenient to use. I'm sure if I want to watch a MOVIE, the Siri search would be much better and offer movie selections from Netflix, HBO, Showtime, and the iTunes store. But my main use for Apple TV isn't movies. It's TV. And Apple TV said that this device is the future of television. But they make it really really hard to watch the shows that you want to watch. It kills me to say this, but using my crappy DVR back when I had Comcast was much more easy to use than trying to watch television on an Apple TV.

    My suggestions:
    1. please put the Hulu queue back in an easy to access place. I'm assuming Hulu hid the queue because they want the user to explore all the great movie and TV exclusive streaming deals it has acquired or watch some of the new Hulu-produced that. I don't need Hulu's help finding things to watch. I have plenty in my queue.

    2. Bring back unwatched episode notifications on my shows thumbnails.

    3. Have Siri actually be able to execute Hulu-specific commands. It should be able to take me directly to my queue or take me to the latest unwatched epsiode of on of my favorite shows.

    4. In general, users should be able to specify which there preferred apps to watch movies and TV shows. I always prefer to stream a movie from Netflix or HBO versus renting something on demand. I also have no interest in buying a single episode of a show so Siri asking me to purchase a previous episode of the Daily Show does not help. I want Hulu to be my primary TV viewing experience on the Apple TV, followed my everything else 2nd. Obviously, Apple wants us to purchase movies and TV shows from it's iTunes store, but if they are allowing 3rd party apps onto it's device, and bragging on how amazing Siri will be for Apple TV, then they need accessing content from 3rd party apps easier.
  2. jimithing1 macrumors regular

    Feb 16, 2008
    The Hulu UI is now the same across all devices. I'm coming from a PS3 to the new Apple TV and it is the same on it as well. They just recently moved the queue button too on it. It used to be the frist thing and now you have to scroll all the way over.
  3. spinningblade thread starter macrumors member


    Nov 3, 2015
    I've heard the new Netflix app is also pretty terrible on the new Apple TV. I guess both Netflix and Hulu on the ATV3 may have had more Apple influence on what the interface could be. With the release of an app store, they were now free to do their own thing. (and thus, make the UI worse)

    I have several devices attached to my TV (ATV, Xbox One, internet-enabled blu-ray, apps on smart tv) so I have several options of how to access Hulu and Netflix, but I always preferred the Apple TV's interface for those apps more than the others. Now it no longer has that advantage.
  4. TimothyB macrumors 6502a

    Jun 20, 2008
    So in Hulu you had to navigate a bit to find the most recent/unmatched episode of a show?

    This happened in iTunes TV app too. I own all the TMNT episodes, the recent series, and I received a season pass email alert for a new episode . I go to TMNT page and all I find is a one horizontal row that starts with volume 1, showing only a few items at a time, like the terrible Netflix app. No option to change volume, so I had to swipe right a million times to get volume 7 or so where the new episode was the very last item. This took a while because every episode has separate bonus content, which adds up. I was shocked by this interface, couldn't believe it.
  5. spinningblade thread starter macrumors member


    Nov 3, 2015
    In the old old interface, I could to my Queue with one click after entering the app. Then it would clearly show me all the shows that I "Follow" which have a new unwatched episode. (and how many unwatched epsiodes for each show I have left)

    The new Hulu interface removes this info and hides the queue menu, forcing you to navigate through other sections to get to it.

    I try to avoid watching tv shows via the iTunes store because they still think people actually want to buy a single episode. Or buying an entire season of TV. Most people watch an episode once and never watch it again. Hulu's service (monthy subscription) makes more sense to me.
  6. gorkt macrumors 6502a


    Sep 15, 2007
    Yeah, I had a similar experience on Hulu and am quite disappointed. Since Hulu went commercial free, I have been watching it more and more. I was hoping the universal search Siri feature would work as advertised. The first thing I did once Hulu was loaded and logged in was to ask Siri to load the latest Daily show episode. It gave me a bunch of old episodes of the Jon Stewart version to choose from. I figured that was an easy one to get right but I guess not! If the universal search doesn't work right, there is no point in me keeping it really.
  7. spinningblade thread starter macrumors member


    Nov 3, 2015
    Yeah, it was old episodes of the Jon Stewart version and it ONLY showed the iTunes store versions. No Hulu.

    If you think that's bad, ask Siri to watch "The Tonight Show". She's never heard of that show, apparently, and only returns a bunch of crappy 80's movies. This is despite having iTunes Store, Hulu, and the NBC app installed on my Apple TV.

    Feels like the Apple TV was released when it wasn't fully ready. I think Apple had planned on releasing an Apple TV in conjunction of an Apple streaming TV service, but since the latter kept getting delayed with studio negotiations, they ended up just releasing whatever product they had...just so they didn't fall too far behind.

    Pretty much every "new feature" that the Apple TV 4 has, other streaming boxes and consoles were already doing.
  8. gkarris macrumors 604


    Dec 31, 2004
    "No escape from Reality..."
    Anyone having streaming issues?

    I have a 1.2 Meg DSL line and Hulu on my game consoles all work fine with no pauses. AppleTV both my 2nd gen and this one seem to have to pause to load alot, also with Netflix. No problems on any gaming consoles I have.
  9. spinningblade thread starter macrumors member


    Nov 3, 2015
    I never had any buffering/hiccups with Hulu on ATV3, but "The Daily Show" has paused every single time I load an episode on ATV4. Usually happens within the first 30 seconds. I have a superfast internet connection (50 MBbs download) so it's not a connection issue. Also, most of my other Hulu shows play fine, as well as Netflix. It is annoying that it only happens with "The Daily Show" ( a show i watch every single night), and have never had that problem with ATV3.
  10. spinningblade thread starter macrumors member


    Nov 3, 2015
    If you only have 1.2 MBps download, I wouldn't be shocked that you ran into video buffering issues. I'm pretty sure 1.2 is below the recommended specs of both Hulu and Netflix. (I think they recommend at least 3-5 MBps) You might not run into this issue on your game consoles as they may download more of the episode/movie before playing. Apple TVs might start playing the content sooner. (which would result in it eventually cutting up sooner)
  11. Rigby, Nov 16, 2015
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    Rigby macrumors 601

    Aug 5, 2008
    San Jose, CA
    I have watched a few episodes of the Daily Show on the ATV4 and didn't have that problem.

    I do agree with the criticism of the app's UI though. It's just terrible compared to the ATV3 app. :( Before I saw your post I actually thought the queue was gone completely, since it's almost impossible to find now if you don't already know where to look. The old app was so much better. The same goes for Netflix as well.

    BTW, the iOS app is better too. Even though it uses a similar UI (which seems to be Hulu's standard design), at least you can access the queue easily via the menu button.
  12. hollersoft macrumors member

    Feb 10, 2013
    Could be worse... you could be outside the US where Hulu isn't available at all :(
  13. spinningblade thread starter macrumors member


    Nov 3, 2015
    I can understand if Hulu wants to have one user-interface design on all platforms, but the Roku version of Hulu places the queue in a different place than the ATV4! It's actually slightly faster to get to the queue on a Roku. So, I'm confused as to why Hulu would change the very-much liked ATV3 interface to a new interface that doesn't even match the other devices.
  14. StevenWalker macrumors regular

    Oct 19, 2014
    Hardly an issue when that can be fixed in under 60 seconds???

  15. hollersoft macrumors member

    Feb 10, 2013
    Plus a US credit card / billing address, which I don't have. Yes those are also available through other providers. But I am not about to jump through ridiculous hoops. If they don't offer it to me legit, they don't get my money.
  16. geesus macrumors 6502


    Jul 3, 2015
    You can buy Hulu credit on eBay too. Though check the feedback first.

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