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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SevengerNC, Sep 25, 2016.

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    File this under "whatever can go wrong ... "
    My band played a simple outside wedding Sat afternoon. The bride told me months ago when they were to be introduced after the ceremony they wanted a certain song played, and we would play an mp3 into the mixer. No problem. I had the song on my phone anyway.
    Last Wednesday I converted from a Samsung to my new iPhone 7+. Got all my contacts and tunes moved.

    As we're setting up for the wedding it occurred to me can't plug my iPhone into the mixer as there's NO HEADPHONE JACK, and who the heck thinks about taking the new adapter ?? So, first thought is I can play the song and hold the phone speaker to my mic for three mins. The other plan worked better. The bride's brother had made a bunch of CD's for break music, and that particular song was on one of them which was played thru the laptop into the mixer, and hopefully they will live happily ever after.
    I have since ordered 2 adapters.
    One of those live & learn moments.
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    My sister got married in 2014. I was in charge of music for the ceremony and reception. I streamed it from my 5s via Bluetooth with no issues.

    *edit* That isn't to say that a headphone jack isn't useful. I'm just saying I've managed to use Bluetooth in a similar situation.

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