Hurricane Matthew Florida


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Sep 15, 2011
Vilano Beach, FL
Figured I'd do a dedicated Florida thread, saw the recent NC post.

We got pretty decimated here in the Vilano / St. Augustine area, 5-6 feet (or more) of flooding, the entire downtown under water, dozens of beach side homes condemned, pretty much all the wooden piers, crossovers are gone, even a few concrete bridges closed until further notice.

A significant number of people in our neighborhood (and lots of friends) got flooded out, a few decimated from wind - everybody was safe though, we all pretty much left the island (we were 6-7 miles west at my BILs). He lost power on Friday from 10a till about 5a on Sat, but the actual storm effects even a few miles inland were way less.

Our house is built very high, so we only got water right up to within, literally inches, of coming into the house vs. many homes and a local restaurant that got hit by that massive storm surge I left my mustang in the garage which did fill with water, it appears to have come up to about the center of the wheels, and then most folks said that initial surge receded really quickly, so nothing got in (that I could tell), the rear backup sensors started working yesterday.

We only got power and water yesterday afternoon, Monday (water has a boil notice), spent the last 48 hours clearing limbs, and I had (2) 5 gallon tanks of gas in the garage, which tipped over, so the garage was mud and gas and the whole house is a little gassy, hoping that clears up by today. Taking some photos for insurance, the deck got smashed but it was old, threw out anything that was cloth (soaked in gas), the grill was decimated.

Overall, just happy to be safe, and 98% of our property is OK.

Just a couple of blocks away from us

Out on A1A (two blocks to the east, just to the left of those houses is the ocean)

Another house like ours, built way off grade, made all the difference

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