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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is reportedly using the technology behind HWPen to build its Chinese character recognition, according to a report from iPhone Atlas.


HWPen (western character mode) and Apple's beta implementation of Chinese input

Apple's betas have shown Chinese character input as well as Japanese character input. The general assumption has previously been that Apple has been developing the technology in-house based off of its experience with Newton handwriting recognition technology.

See Also: HWPen, DioPen (third party applications)

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Jun 8, 2007
Los Angeles
great for chinese, pointless for english, 'click A v's swipe, swipe, swipe, confirm A'

Pointless for you and me, perhaps, but I have a friend who refuses to give up his old phone that uses a stylus for input. He loves the iphone -- except for the keypad. I've tried to explain that he'd get used to the keyboard within a few days, but he refuses. He said that if Apple would add handwriting recognition to the iphone, he'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Remember, not everyone does things, sees things, experiences things, the way you do -- even if you believe your way is superior. Some people have a difficult time changing.

If the English functionality already exists, Apple would be smart to leave it available -- at least as an option -- because, bottom line: it would sell more iphones. And isn't that ultimately what Apple wants?


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Dec 14, 2005
i for one hope it is well implemented and natural to input the characters. however, the glass screen gets silly to swipe across with a finger: too much friction
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