Hybrid harddiscs, will we see it in the next Macbooks?


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Jan 17, 2006
I have been hearing a lot about the so called Hybrid Drives, IE Harddisk with flash ram.
This means a lot quiker boot time, quicker recover from sleep and also more time on the battery.
From http://www.engadget.com/2006/06/07/seagate-announces-bevy-of-new-drives/
No surprises here: we've known since last WinHEC that Samsung was working on a so-called ReadyDrive hard drive that sports a 128MB flash buffer for enabling lower laptop power consumption, and just as we suspected, they've unveiled a working prototype of the technology at this year's conference. Also on hand with their own ReadyDrive was Seagate, who, like Samsung, plan to release their model when Vista finally starts shipping, as only the next-gen operating system will have the proper ATA driver command sets to allow for such a large buffer. PCMag was on the scene for one of Samsung's demos, and claim that a laptop running an office apps script only needed to access the hard drive every three to four minutes, which could result in ReadyDrive-equipped laptops sipping up to 40% less juice than models with those outdated, perpetually-spinning HDDs.

Sounds cool! But do you think this will make it into next gen Macbooks?
Who makes the current HD
Also I remember hearing that the new Visat would have a feature for laptops, so that you could turn on you laptops without booting it up, to look at you calendar for instance...
Do you think this is something Mac will have in their new OS and Hardware?

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Feb 25, 2006
Milton Keynes, UK
If it has any real benefits (it sounds like it does, but it would need to be tested to see really if it was worth it) then you can count on Apple adopting it. Apple tends to adpot things much more quickly than the Windows market - even when these things are available for the Windows market earlier. So yes, if they are beneficial and are worth their money (ie they provide a good gain at not too much of a price increase) you can count on Apple adopting it in the next couple of years.


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Mar 10, 2006
You can do that start it without booting on Media Center, but these would be awesome. The largest HDD for the Quads have a 16 MB buffer. Imagine that times 8:cool: :D EXTREME! I would really hope for Apple to put them into all new computers. This will consume a lot less power, and when Intel Gesher comes in 2009, it will run on 1/2 watt, Intel says so at least. Imagine that battery life:p