Hybrid ssd/had upgrade 2010 MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by brisweeney, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Hi folks, thinking of giving my current mbp a little tune up and need some advice, both buying advice, and some tech advice from the more tech minded out there!

    Basically I'm happy with my mid 2010 mbp, not really ready to drop €1600 on a new one, or even more on a retina so I think some upgrades might make me happy.

    I have all the ram the system can take, 8gb and a good CPU, 2.66ghz c2d so I'd like to beef up storage, and have a quicker boot time.

    What I need is buying advice on a good 1tb hybrid hard drive, and some tech advice on setting it up to boot osx from the flash storage, and also if it's possible to boot windows 7 from the flash storage as well, as I have it running currently with bootcamp.

    As an added bonus, can anyone tell me how to mirror my boot camp partition so I can reload it back onto the new drive, and also if I need to make a bootable image of osx mountain lion to boot with the first time on the new drive

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    tips on a good 1tb hybrid drive to boot osx and windows 7 from the flash storage and tips on how to do it.
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    Most, if not all, hybrids have their own controller management algos that will determine how to apportion the SSD "behind the scenes." I know that the Seagates reserve some of the flash storage for the Main OS boot files and as a result they vastly improve boot times. Pretty sure that the Seagate's won't cover you for Windows unless you use it enough to fall under their high-use category for reserving space on the flash storage.

    If you wanted to manage the space yourself, you could always add an SSD to your optibay.

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    Jun 4, 2008
    so I've looked into it a bit more and i think ill put a 1tb hybrid drive as a replacement for my 320 gb hdd, then put a 128gb ssd in place of the superdrive.

    will i be possible to install both osx ML and win 7 on the ssd and use it as a boot drive, and keep the hybrid drive for storage and programs, with some heavy use programs on the ssd.

    what order would i install them, as i seem to remember reading that in this generation macbook pro apple disabled the ability to install windows via a usb drive unless your macbook shipped with out an optical drive.

    Am I right in thinking that you basically install osx on the ssd, then move your home folder to the hdd and set the ssd as the boot volume? then in bootcamp assistant partition some of the ssd for win 7 install?

    appreciate the help here, as I've never changed out a hdd, let alone 2! the physical act of swapping out the drives doesn't worry me, just being presented with problems after does!

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