Hypertransport enabled PowerBook G5

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Capt Underpants

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Jul 23, 2003
Austin, Texas
While this would be FLIPPIN' AWESOME, I am doubting this. If Apple were to release a G5 in the net 10 days, why wouldn't they have announced it for pre-order at MWSF? ThinkSecret seems to believe the powerbook update will only be a speed bump, which seems to be the consensus. I hope ThinkSecret is wrong, though, but looking at their track record doesn't make me feel any better :(. I would love a new 12" with some better performance. My 12" isn't cuttin' it.


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Jan 26, 2004
I think "new powerbook models in the next 10 days" in no way means powerbook G5. I think they are just meaning the speedbump in the G4. Sorry to burst anyones bubble but I agree that if they were anywhere close to a completed PB G5 they would have announced it at MWSF.


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Nov 17, 2003
MWSF = Radically Cheap Consumer devices

While I'm not saying the PB G5 will come about soon, I think people under estimate how RADICAL Apple's announcements were at MWSF.

The shift to a sub-$500 computer, and a $99 iPod were a MAJOR change for a company that always said you had to pay for design, and I think Apple wanted ALL the press to focus on this new approach to low end consumer devices.

It flies in the face of the most successful approach to building computers, the Dell "customized" approached. Apple has decided that low end computers now have more in common with VCR's (mass produce them with little modifications) than with a BTO approach. I think they are right, and at least at this low end the computer market might have come full circle back to huge runs of identical machines at an Asian factory.

Even if (a big if) they were to soon be releasing a PB G5, that's for the Mac faithful, and these people will soon find out about it, whenever it's released.
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