I actually tried out the Retina MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jammiefreerider, Jun 14, 2012.

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    I'm a huge Apple fan but I'm not a bandwagon jumper so I went to find the Retina MBP in a London Apple store. Turns out not every store in London has some to play with. In fact I think it is only the Covent Garden store that has only 4 to play with. Regent Street store expected theirs to arrive sometime next week!?! So low quantities of the RMBP then...

    Firstly, I'm pissed with Apple for dropping the 17in but with the retina display I thought maybe the extra pixels would give me more screen real estate so was up for seeing if this was the case. Turns out if you skip the retina and change to the larger display mode, you do get more space to work with but I would still prefer a 17in (possibly because thats what my eyes are used to seeing - arguable point). The retina display made more of a difference than I was expecting which was cool (but not criteria for upgrading)

    Next to the screen glare issues. The screen is better than a standard glossy screen but it still shows up reflections. This was never meant to be a matt screen I know but it is supposed to replace it. Well its not good enough yet.

    Performance wise it was unstoppable. I had FCPX, Aperture, iPhoto, iTunes and Photoshop open and I was trying to do stuff on all of them at once and the laptop never paused. Awesome :)

    SSDs are a no brainer for a traveling photographer like me and its awesomely quick :)

    Ports... thunderbolt is a bit of a mehh subject for me as its probably more than I need and the attached devices definitely cost more than I can afford so there is no need for 2 of them. What does interest me in USB3, backwards compatible, fast and cheap. Ticks all my boxes. Also now theres USB connectors on both sides of the laptop just not one. I can't find a reason anywhere for the HDMI port... My big raid is FW connected so I'd need a TB to FW cable. I don't want to know how much that would cost if TB cables themselves are £40.

    I was just doing the maths and to get the as close to the laptop I want it will cost me around £2155. Thats for a refurbish 17in MBP and aftermarket 512GB SSD, 8GB RAM. This has the bonus on having a 750GB HD as well if I ditch the DVD drive. There is definite value in having a laptop where I can change parts as they fail. If I buy a RMBP w/ AppleCare its £2190.

    By not going with the new RMBP the benefits for me I lose: retina display (2/5 on the want scale), latest NVidia graphics card (4/5), USB3 (5/5) and better processor (3/5), lightweightness (3-4/5).

    Its a tough call. If I had to buy now I think I would buy the refurbed 17in in the end. If it wasn't for the irreplaceable components I would have said Retina...

    Im going to hold on till Octoberish to see if the 17in does make a appearance. The Apple Sales guy said to me today he didn't think he sold one 17in but today everyones come in and complained about the lack of 17in. I think the demand is there with existing users and with people who previously went for the 15in because the 17in was too heavy. Now the 17in is lighter and more people will want it. I also pointed out to the sales guy that the pro guys tend to know about computers and don't need to play with them so will order online not so much go into the stores. Probably contributing to why you never see more than 1 (if your lucky) Mac Pro in stores.
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    I liked your post. I too want to test this out. I keep hearing conflicting reports of lag in non-Retina mode on the RMBPs.

    I too think there is a good chance the 17" might come back in a different form. I think if Apple could do a RMBP 17" they would do so. I never heard Tim say that the 17" MBP is dead for good - though I could have missed it.

    I wonder if the next RMBP (2013?) or whatever might have a higher native resolution than 1440 x 900. That would be great as well...

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    Jun 12, 2012
    I almost have the config you are thinking about. A matt screen is definitely the way to go for the photo crowd - also the reason why I don't own a thunderbolt display. I really really dislike glossy screens - if I was you and I wouldn't need a new PC right now I'd wait and see what happens next. The rMBP seems like a cool thing but not fully developed yet IMO. I guess they will fix several bugs etc. with the next gen retinas as I don't think they are quite there yet.

    BWT, with the 17 inch model you can get a express card USB 3 adapter as far as I know...

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