I adore my iPhone 4 :)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by chrono1081, Jul 2, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    Please try and keep this thread free of "I HATE iPHONE 4!" crap. The rest of the iPhone forum has that covered. Everyone knows there are people who have problems just like any other electronic item released by any other company.

    That aside...

    Mine just arrived to me today. My parents had it for a bit and tested everything for me and shipped it to me. Its AMAZING.

    The back camera is VERY sharp and has very good quality. Pictures look just like they were taken with a point and shoot and in fact, look better then the point and shoot I have.

    The video looks incredible! I'd of never thought this from a cell phone camera. I'd love to take it outside and shoot pics and video but where I work thats a HUGE no-no :(

    The screen is phenomenal. I used to think nothing could get better then the 3Gs screen, until I held them both side by side. Now the 3Gs screen looks washed out and fuzzy in comparison. (Until I look away from the iP4 screen for a bit :D)

    The front facing camera is great as well! I was surprised to see the quality of it. I can't wait to try face time.

    The phone feels a little heavier then the 3Gs but it could be my imagination. It is also definitely slimmer and IMO easier to hold.

    I wasn't keen on the "split band" look when I saw it in pictures but in real life the phone is great looking.

    Wifi signal is excellent as is regular cell phone signal. I can pick up the local phone reception just fine (although I do not use it, I simply was just seeing if the phone would pick up the signal and it does.) I am not able to reproduce any of the signal loss issues a few others have had.

    Did I mention the screen is amazing? I can't get over it. Text is soo freaking sharp!

    The whole thing is just incredible. I'm so glad I bought on. Now to start upresing my game graphics and try them out on this bad boy :D
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    Glad you like yours like many of us do! Have fun!

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