I am a new sales rep and am comtemplating a Macbook Pro vs an Ipad

Discussion in 'iPad' started by kinkonoak, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. kinkonoak macrumors newbie

    Jul 21, 2010
    My thing is that I need to manage my customers, plan meetings with them, email them, report to my boss on my weekly activities, track key information on the customer (birthday, etc) and am unsure which product I should get.
    I currecntly have an Iphone and a Macbook Pro for personal useage. Any suggestions and explanations as to why I should do what you are suggesting?
  2. spinnerlys Guest


    Sep 7, 2008
    forlod bygningen
    There are several MBP models (13", 15" and 17"), which one do you have your eyes on?

    Also what software are you going to use? Is your work network setup for an iPad or Mac OS X? Does the iPad have apps that are compatible with your existing setup at work?
  3. kinkonoak thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 21, 2010
    Thanks for the reply...

    I would likely get the MBP 13" as this is what I have at home now. Current office setup is with Windows XP Pro. I was looking at the DayLite software, but am open for suggestion.
    Nothing would really be compatible, but that is OK. I also own the company! I just need to start repping my own company and make sure that I keep track of all customers and track everything that I do with them... contacts and ical are not quite enough. I currently use Maximizer and Business contact manager, but want to go Mac so Iphone is compatible.

  4. 2002cbr600f4i macrumors 6502

    Jun 21, 2008
    I'd say tool around in the app store in the business section and see if there is anything that will do what you want.. It sounds like you need something like a customer resource manager (CRM) package.. I recall seeing some of those for the iPad.. Honestly though, I think a MacBook is going to be better for your needs, as it is easier to input information into a full MacBook than an iPad... The iPad has some nice appeal for giving presentations or showing information to your customers though.
  5. dcsatt macrumors member

    Apr 29, 2005
    The iPad will do everything you need – and it will do it quite well.
    I market to physicians and physical therapists, and I use the iPad along with HighRise.

    I also use the iPad to run 90% of my law practice. There's really no reason for you to lug around your MBP. I hardly crack the lid on my MBP anymore.

    Because I'm mobile, I use the Wi-Fi + 3G model.
  6. Dooger macrumors 6502

    May 4, 2009
    I'd go for a 13" MBP and jailbreak the iPhone so you can add mywi for 3G on the move.
  7. 3lionsbecks Suspended


    Jul 19, 2010
    Ontario, Canada
    If you already own a MBP i'd go for the iPad. The iPad will be great for what you need and much easier for portability.

    I was speaking to a sales guy for futureshop and he has said that he has completely switched all his customer service over to his iPad. I'm sure that it will be the best for long term sales and marketing reps. This is definitely a market that Apple was looking at when they made the iPad.
  8. tod macrumors regular

    Oct 3, 2009
    At first, the MBP seems like a better choice because it's a solid business machine and it has a physical keyboard. If you're traveling a lot, though, the versatility of the iPad might win out. Sure, a MBP is portable, but you can really use it in only one orientation. For me, at least, it's only marginally comfortable to use it while seated at a table. You could whip out the iPad anywhere and put it away just as fast. If you need a physical keyboard, get the Apple wireless keyboard and use it when needed. If the software isn't there yet, wait. It'll catch up.

    Also, the iPad might attract positive attention. I used this effect years ago when I was an earlier adopter of the Segway. I can directly trace tens of thousand of dollars of sales to people I met solely because they noticed me on my Segway. It more than paid for itself in advertising value.
  9. DifferentialApp macrumors regular

    May 14, 2010
    I might say iPad, but look around in the app store for the apps you need. If they don't have it, go with MBP.
  10. mgamber macrumors 6502a


    Jun 12, 2008
    Forget about apps, how much time do you plan on spending at a keyboard? The iPad is sleek and sexy but it sucks for typing more than a very few lines of text. If you plan on spending any real quality time with a keyboard, make sure it's a physical keyboard. I have an iPad and a 15" MBP. When I want to watch a baseball game, play Scrabble or backgammon, I pull out the iPad. When I want to respond to eMail with more than "You're holding it incorrectly" and get some work done, there's no question, the MBP comes out. Remember, you get what you pay for. And yes, you can attach a bluetooth keyboard to an iPad and then you have TWO devices to carry around.

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