I am officially a HUGE Ghost Squad fan now.


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May 18, 2007
After going to Dave and Buster's last night and playing it for the third or so time, I'm officially 10,000% psyched for Ghost Squad on the Wii. Admittedly, there are also 10,000 ways an arcade port could be utterly and completely botched, but even without a full-sized weapon to hold in both hands, I'm hoping beyond all hope that it will be good. Hell, I'd pay an extra $20 or so for a full-sized controller, even if it only worked with Ghost Squad.

Any other fans out there?


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Mar 17, 2004
All I can say is that between Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, Medal of Honor 2's Arcade Mode (for those who haven't followed it, Medal of Honor 2 has an on-rails Arcade Mode), and Ghost Squad, Ghost Squad was my favorite Zapper game of E3.

It was really fun :) Especially when you got the bazooka.


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Jul 6, 2004
In a cup of orange juice.
I'll pick up REUC, but I'm still a bit bummed that they took this direction after RE4. But then again, these types of games are so much fun with a friend.

My friend was looking at Ghost Squad on your site, the same day you were asking for feedback. He bought one of those lame Wiishot gun thingies, even after I told him to wait, only to return it the next day.

I'm getting a Zapper of course, since it comes with REUC from what I recall? But I don't like any current gun setup that's available or coming for the Wiimote. I fire and pivot with my right hand, not my left hand. What Nintendo should have done and still can, is produced a new attachment that plugs into the into the Wiimote's expansion port on the back. This attachment would look like a guns hilt and have a trigger and other buttons on it, that basically extend the Wiimote's buttons. There could even be a pass through connector for the nun-chuck. I think I'll draw a picture and post it later today.