I believe the Antenna issues are software and location based.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Dsr1205, Jun 28, 2010.

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    I went to school today and i could not hold the phone in a way that caused the reception to drop more than a bar. I did get it to loose all signal at one point using a piece of metal but could not replicate it. I went to the apple store in a mall and it was very easily replicated, clearly from the bad coverage in a mall. I had a genius bar appointment and i gave the phone to the guy and he fiddled around with it for about 25 minutes. Even asked a genius next to him what to do. The exciting answer: don't hold it that way. Thats when i got kinda annoyed, asked them if they had a recommendation for holding it. I also asked if they thought buying a bumper would help. I asked in a very pissed off way clearly implicating the whole create-a-problem-and-sell-a-solution manner. I was also not offered a replacement iPhone. It was only noted as a reference to my iPhones serial number.

    TLDR: Genius bar appointment: "Don't hold it that way, signal attenuation" crap. But in a good coverage area, 4 MB/sec down 2 up area, it was fine.

    What i think? software can fix this. And i deserve a free bumper for my trouble, especially considering some people are getting them and some aren't.

    Also note: a senior apple rep told me to go to the apple store for a replacement, which i was not even offered. SO. seriously, what is going on at this company? How can one company have such varying answers? Jobs seems to give multiple answers too. Guess they follow his lead.

    Just my experience, thought i would share.
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    The idea behind it being software is this: Let me note this is my opinion/guess/engineering idea

    If the iPhone now selectively decided the best frequency to use, then in low coverage areas, it trys to get the best signal, but because the coverage is bad, it gets confused (maybe the code goes into an endless loop) Touching the antenna makes the signal appear worse and it starts desperately trying to find the best signal, hopping between frequencies. My guess.

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