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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by revisionA, Nov 29, 2008.

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    I've had my ipod touch 8 gig for a few hours and already dove into the itunes store... there are still some remaining holiday specials. I decided to run up some reviews to put my hard spent $$ to good use.

    Overall, I give the ipod touch a 4.5 of 5 star rating. The only thing I could think that would make it better would be a few multipurpose buttons on the side edge... anyhow. The sound from the internal speakers is plenty loud and I got wifi signal sitting by the pool... internet is limited, but more sites will pop up as more of these are in the wild. I was able to get to google maps in a few taps and pull up the area I was in. Etc.

    On to the fun stuff. I found a couple great apps so far:

    Frenzic - $5 i think... a great little puzzle game where a pizza slice of a certain color appears in the center and you have to choose an empty place from six playing areas. You tap the destination and if it fits, a new piece loads.... when the timer runs out you lose a life. If you get an entire playing area in a single color, you gain a life. Simple, but as addictive as tetris.

    Mazefinger - free or cheap, can't recall... I like this one but its not quite as addictive. You drag your finger through mazes where lightning strikes from the sides as you do. There is a timer and you are scored based on how quickly you navigate the maze. Perhaps good to judge how drunk you are when leaving the pub...

    Venger - $ 2.99 - First person version of Zaxxon or Starfox. Uses the tilting of the ipod to navigate while you tap on the corners of the screen to shoot lasers or fire a limited number of missles. I only finished level 1 so far, but there was an end boss and it was alright. The flight controls are where the game rocks and it shows how you can benefit from the accelerometer.

    Good luck, I will update this with other purchases.

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    May 27, 2005
    Thanks Odog... I appreciate the info. Hope people check out those three games though... I have been reviewing sites all day and those are the ones I went for so far...

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